Knights of Noromath Core Values

The Knights of Noromath is firmly rooted in the conventions of tabletop Dungeons and Dragons. Even so, as a larger server community, we believe it is important to highlight the specific core values which make for excellent enjoyment in our medium of choice.

These values are found in each of our server Paragons, as well. All players should strive to live up to these values, and if they must depart from them such as to play an abyss-worshiping drow, well, the gods of darkness help them.

Stay in Character

Consider everything that happens around you in-game from the perspective of your character. Make them as real as possible. This is especially important when there are stressful happenings, and it means playing out the story to the end. Staying in character means not avoiding conflict by logging out. It means never waiting for a DM when the play is happening. Keep the game moving and everyone will enjoy their experience even more, you included. It’s okay to be wrong sometimes and it is really just part of the game.

Follow the Rules

A person who metagames, exploits the game, exchanges IC information about characters or events OOC to other players, or breaks any server or community standard is doing one thing: they are cheating. We have zero tolerance for those who would diminish the experience of others in any way. Following the Rules obviously includes all the server rules, and it means following the Core Values- because then all of the creative freedom here is yours!

Don’t Overdo the Backstory

There is no need for a great, sweeping backstory. When you are customizing your character, you are selecting your class standing in society, your background, your patron deity, and many other important details. Use these to flesh out your character. You can always refer back to them on your character sheet for a sense of how they impact your character in the context of the campaign. Trust in us, as the DMs to find a role for you to fill in the overall setting as you interact with it.

Don’t Play an Outcast

This is meant as a joke, but particularly in the case of being a new player, you absolutely should not play an outcast character on your first run. It is not indicative of our intended server experience. We highly recommend that you play a knight or paladin, a cleric or druid, or something else that integrates well with Tethyr and Brost as a setting. Don’t play an Outcast means that if you do… well, some of us will kill you!

Keep It In Game

When the going gets tough, it becomes so important to just keep things in-game. If we do our best to always keep our efforts centered upon in-game actions, everything will be much the better for it! This coincides with following our discord community rules, which state that sharing details about in-character events is expressly prohibited.

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