James Hunter

The sound of a baby crying split the night. Havvil Brighthand, a middle-aged man in dyed green leathers opened the door to see a blonde baby on his doorstep. Human in appearance, save for the upswept ears of elven heritage. Pinned to the baby’s chest was a note, telling the story of the forbidden love of a man and his elf lover. It seemed that the child was doomed to a life of scorn among both sides of his family, so they left him on Havvil’s doorstep. As an initiate of the lakeside grove, deep within the Wealdath, Havvil raised the child to serve Mielikki. Though raised by this man, the child was not spared the hardships of nature. As he grew in years, so too did he grow in labor. His tasks included learning to fight, to track, and to kill. From a very young age the child began training to become a shadoweir, his very nature calling out to Mielikki above all the other gods. Through Havvil’s guidance, and his forceful hand the child, now called James, learned how to ensure the strength of the natural order.

Havvil taught James the use of herbs, and how to use them discreetly. The ambitious acolyte wishing to be seated, brought the now ten year old James to the home of one of their elders. The ancient druid frail and tired. James was given the herbs and brewed a pot of tea for the elder, that he might enjoy a cup with Havvil… The next morning, the elder was found dead in his home, and the opening Havvil had waited for was presented to him.

Havvil, now a seated druid of the grove, put James to the test on many occasions. His discreet application of herbs to the right cup, or a threatening note left in the night, led the grove to new heights of power, and for the first time in years the grove seemed to be prospering.

 As James grew, he found his weapon of choice in their constant battle against the undead, was two short staves. He wielded them with deadly efficiency as he trained with his friends as initiate Shadoweir. On the day of his induction as a fully-fledged Shadoweir, James was given two things, a pair of weirwood clubs and orders to go to Brost, where his knighthood and his purpose would be delivered….

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