Holy Avenger Progression

Paladins on the Knights of Noromath receive a number of their kit benefits through the acquisition of a Holy Avenger item.

There are numerous varieties of Holy Avenger items, but they follow the same conventions. All Holy Swords produce a 5 foot light radius when held by a qualifying character.

When held by a character with the Crusader background who has no paladin levels, they still receive the following benefits:
Fort +1, Reflex +1, Will +1, SR 12

Paladin Holy Sword Effects:

Paladin LevelEnhancement BonusSpell ResistanceBenefits
3 +1 12 +2d6 divine damage vs. evil
6 +2 14 +2d6 divine damage vs. evil
9 +3 16 +2d6 divine damage vs. evil
12 +4 18 +2d6 divine damage vs. evil, dispel on hit
15 +5 20 +2d6 divine damage vs. evil, dispel on hit

A paladin who loses piety from dishonorable acts will sense a diminished connection with their diety through their holy sword. An atonement spell can be sought out in order to remove the burden of these misdeeds and errors in discernment on the part of a paladin.

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