High Arcana

This page is intended to summarize the High Arcana and spell mastery benefits available on the Knights of Noromath server.

High Arcana is very similar to the effects of the Spell Power ability possessed by the Archmage and Hierophant classes in 3.5 edition D&D. For the purposes of our system, High Arcana is tracked with a score of 0-100 for each spell school.

Additional areas of research are planned for future iterations of this system, including a general "Weave Mastery" which can be utilized by both arcane and divine spellcasters.

Based on the High Arcana level possessed in a particular spell school, an arcane caster will enjoy additional caster levels and spell save DCs for spells from the relevant school.

The High Arcana Score determines effects applied to spells for every 10 points of mastery; at 10, only first level spells of the spell school are affected. At 30, spells of up to 3rd level are receiving a higher caster level and spell save DC.

Items in-game which support the acquisition of High Arcana are "Books," "Manuals," and "Tomes." Currently, Books of High Arcana are sold at the Temple of Mystra.

Books can be read by any arcane caster. Manuals can be read by any arcane caster who is level 5 and who also has 30 High Arcana in a given spell school. Tomes can be read by any arcane caster who is level 9 and has 60 High Arcana in a given spell school.

Item TypeEffect
Book of Spell School Add 1d6 to High Arcana, up to 30
Manual of Spell School Add 2d6 to High Arcana, up to 60
Tome of Spell School Add 3d6 to High Arcana, up to 90
??? Add 10 to High Arcana, up to 100

Those with the Decipher Script proficiency gain a +4 to the amount of High Arcana research they gain per resource.

Those with the following backgrounds gain an additional research benefit for some or all spell schools.

BackgroundResearch BenefitSpell School
Amnian Trained +4 Conjuration
Calishite Trained +4 Evocation, Necromanncy
Enlightened Student +1 All Spell Schools
Hedge Mage +1 All Spell Schools
High Mage +2 All Spell Schools
Spellfire Lineage +2 All Spell Schools
Talfirian Lineage +4 Enchantment, Illusion

Read about other ways your caster level is modified, here.

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