Henchman Control Tool

The Henchmen Control Tool is one of the player radial options that improve a caster's control over any summon they might utilize.

Any summoned animal companion, familiar, monster, or undead or planar creature may be the subject of the Henchman Control Tool. However, the tool can only be used on one creature at a time. It even works on horses!

To assign a creature for control by the tool, first, click on the Henchman Control Tool. Next, click on the creature to be controlled. The yellow text should now confirm which creature is currently being controlled.

Now that a creature is assigned to the tool, it can be used in a few different ways.

1. The tool can be targeted upon an enemy creature and the assigned creature will attack it.
2. The tool can be targeted on the ground and the assigned creature will move to that location.
3. The tool can be targeted upon the summoner character, causing the assigned creature to return to their side.

Still having problems with your summoned creature?
Standard companions or associates in NWN follow a series of "radial" commands. These can be accessed by right-clicking the portrait of your summon or associate.
-Follow Me
This mode sets the companion to follow you closely.
-Stand Your Ground
This mode sets the companion to stand in place. Note, if the character transitions, the companion stands in place at the last transition.
-Attack Nearest Creature
This mode sets the companion to attack the nearest creature it can perceive. It'll run off to attack creatures that flee from it.
-Guard Me
This mode sets the companion to attack the same creature that the character is attacking.

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Knights of Noromath Location Saving System

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