Knights of Noromath New Feats

New Feats
The following feats are in addition to the base feats offered to classes in Neverwinter Nights.

Brew Potion -Revised Recipes, possibilities listed here
Craft Construct*
Craft Magic Arms & Armor -Supported via combiner and via workstation
Craft Staff -Supported via combiner and via workstation
Craft Wondrous Item -Supported via combiner and via workstation
Daylight Adaptation -Prevents certain issues for Underdark races
Endurance -Prevents damage from server-specific weather systems
Eschew Materials (Information)
Forge Ring*
Landlord -Improves land management ability
Leadership -Improves personnel management ability
Mounted Archery -Added with Mounted Combat
Mounted Combat -Skill Changes
Willing Deformity

*Note indicates not yet implemented

System Tools
These feats are meant for allowing you to interact with other players and are granted to all characters.

Disguise Toggle
Examine Tool
Save Character
Subrace Traits Refresh Tool
Crafter's Box & Combiner

Automatic Feats
The following feats are considered combat maneuvers and are therefore given to all characters.


Customization Feats
The following feats are part of our character customization process.

Class Standing
-Lower Class, Middle Class, Upper Class
-Tethyrian, Calishite, Chondathan, etc.
Background (Includes subrace in the case of elf or dwarf)
-Aasimar, Affluence, etc.
Deity Feats
-Specific FR Deity or Pantheon
-Armoring, Astrology, etc.

New Feats for Prestige Classes
The following feats are part of the new classes offered on the Knights of Noromath.

All-Seeing Eyes
Apothecary and Arsenal
Arcane Armor, Arcane Sword
Arcane Strike
Baleful Utterance
Beguiling Influence
Bestow Curse
Circle of Death
Cloak of Shadows
Control Weather
Create Greater Undead
Create Undead
Crown of Fire
Dark Arcana
Dark One's Own
Death Armor
Detect Undead
Dispel Magic
Dominate Monster
Dominate Person
Eldritch Ward
Endure Elements
Enhanced Eldritch Blast
Entropic Warding
Evard's Black Tentacles
Expeditious Retreat
Eyes of the Order
Fiendish Transformation
Find Traps
Finger of Death
Greater Dispel Magic
Greater Invisibility
Greater Planar Binding
Greater Spell Breach
Invisibility Purge
Leaps and Bounds
Lesser Planar Binding
Maelstrom of Fire
Natural Lycanthrope Change
Planar Binding
See Invisibility
Shadow Door
Shadow Knife
Shadow Mastery
Shadow Walk
Smite Infidel
Spellfire Absorption
Spellfire Blast
Spellfire Burst
Spellfire Healing-Ranged
Spellfire Healing-Touch
Spellfire Purge
Spell Resistance
Spell Ward
Summon Undead Animal
Summon Undead
True Seeing
Undead Wildshape
Wild Shape: Avian
Wild Shape: Plant
Wild Shape: Reptile

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