Knights of Noromath Experience Point Systems

Role Play Experience Points

On the Knights of Noromath server, a player can obtain experience points through role play at certain locations where characters convene. Such places may be an inn, castle or temple, and each place has an experience point amount associated with it. In order to receive this XP, the character must be under level 9. The rewards are given every six minutes in-game. Idling is discouraged but not considered a rule breach.

Combat Experience Points

Seeking out adventure and battle is always more rewarding than sitting on the sidelines, but it comes with risks. Players in a party receive a bonus to experience points gained for each additional member in the party. Party experience points are penalized by summons, familiars, and animal companions, treating each additional creature as -1 player in the party for the calculation of bonus experience points. Additionally, characters who are more than 8 levels apart incur a significant experience point penalty for the great disparity between their experience levels.

Re-spawn Penalty

Re-spawning for an experience cost is available up to 10th level. A player can approach the Erinyes in the City of Judgement and pay a cost of 1/2 their current experience level to come back to life at the place where they died. Being brought back to life by a Raise Dead spell does not cost experience points.

Additional Rewards

Additionally, certain tasks provide bonus experience points to the character performing them. Such tasks may include picking a lock, removing a trap, or destroying the altar in an evil temple, for example.

Dungeon Master Experience Point Awards

Finally, KoN Dungeon Masters enjoy rewarding role play with additional experience point awards, and these are given at the discretion of the Dungeon Master to reflect the progress made by your character. Bonus experience points for exceptional role play as well as quest/plot experience points are given frequently.

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