Examine and Disguise

This page is intended to describe the Examine Action and the Disguise Toggle provided to all characters on the Knights of Noromath.

The Examine action as well as the Disguise toggle are radial options available under Special Abilities next to your other granted feats from your character classes.

The Examine action contains several hidden mechanics that provide feedback to player characters about other characters. The key skills associated with Examine are Bluff, Perform, Spellcraft, and Spot.

Bluff and Perform influence success at Disguise. Spellcraft enables magical feedback. Spot skill influences success with Examine.

Using the Examine action successfully, a player character may notice that another character is enhanced magically and ready for combat. They will gain a general impression as to the physical characteristics of the subject of their examination. They may also notice that a character is disguised, in which case the feedback from the Examine tool will tell them so. Other more esoteric details are sometimes possible to detect. A werewolf might be detectable, and planetouched humans may also be detectable, among other similar things.

If the Examine action is unsuccessful, a player character simply receives little or no information about the subject and in the case of the subject being disguised, they will receive a message indicating failure to detect the identity of the subject.

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