Examine and Disguise

This page is intended to summarize the examination system on the Knights of Noromath server.

Disguising yourself on the Knights of Noromath may be imperative at times for the clandestine or the covert character.

  • The disguise system can be activated by typing "-disguise on" in the talk channel
  • A description of the disguise skill can be accessed by typing "-disguise help"
  • Typing "-disguise" will provide the character with an impression of how others will see them.
  • Typing "-name Elminster" will set the character's disguised name to be Elminster. Note: you must enable disguise before you can use the name command.
  • Typing "-disguise str," "-disguise dex," "-disguise con" followed by an integer of 1 through 4 will change the apparent impression of a character's visible statistics. If "-disguise str 1" is entered, the disguising character will appear weak. If the command is entered with an integer of 4, they will appear quite strong.
  • Disguise rolls are made using the Bluff skill or the Perform skill, whichever is higher.

Using the Examine Tool will provide feedback to a player who uses it on another player. Beware that players with exceptional Spot skill will be able to see you staring at them much as you would them, so your scrutiny may not go unnoticed.

  • The Examine tool can only be used once per minute.
  • It can be used upon items or players.
  • The Spot skill is used for all examination rolls, but Spellcraft ranks enable additional observations.
  • When used on an item it will report the following things:
    • Any damage or decay upon that item
    • Any perceivable magical auras
    • An impression of the material
  • When used on a player it will report the following things:
    • An indication of the success or failure to overcome a subject's disguise
    • Any currently active magical auras from spells which are easily discernable (requires Spellcraft ranks)
    • Any magical auras from currently equipped enchanted items
    • An impression of the physical characteristics of the creature as well as an impression of their class standing
    • Any barony insignias they may be wearing
    • A rumor check on the notoriety of the subject for any recent deeds of valor they may have done
    • A forester or a natural lycanthrope may receive an impression of a shapechanger that they examine
    • Planetouched humans, both aasimar and tieflings, have planar magic on their persons which may be detectable
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