Elrik Davvinspire

Born 7th Nightal, 1350 DR, Elrik is the second of three children born to Goren and Linala Davvinspire. Goren was a blacksmith serving a minor noble and Linala a serving maid under the same noble. Having good rapport with his employer, Goren was given the opportunity to have his son squired to a knight and took the opportunity quickly with his eldest, Tristann.

As Tristann proved himself aside his knight however, Elrik sought the more intellectual arts. Like a walking oxymoron Elrik, who had always been bigger and stronger than his older brother, had grown into a gentle, contemplative giant. He continued to assist his father with the forge while pursuing his erudite pursuits up until his father's sudden taking ill and his early death.

As Elrik sat by his side while his father lay dying, he was nearly inconsolable; his mother having died only a few years prior giving birth to his sister Tessa, who was graciously taken in by the noble they served. When he came to the local priory with his grief, he was overcome as he looked upon the humble shrine to kelemvor. The balanced scales immediately speaking to him that his grief, while not inappropriate, was a needless burden. As he knelt awestruck, a priest approached him, speaking softly, "The journey does not end here."

Goren was not the only one to transform with his death. As his father's spirit ventured into the realms beyond, Elrik's spirit began an exploration of it's own. Elrik joined the clergy that very day.

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