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Druid groves are ancient holy sites located all throughout Faerun. They are places where very specific deities have been venerated for hundreds or even thousands of years. These deities include Chauntea, Eldath, Mielikki, Selune, and Silvanus.

Due to the conflicts with blighters in the region of the Wealdath, the old druidic groves are under attack. The condition of a particular druid grove has direct impacts on the lands around it.

If a character has a spellcasting class, they are able to influence the condition of a grove. While the druid and ranger and blighter classes can influence groves more strongly than other spellcasting classes, they can no less make an impact on the energies present in a grove.

There are multiple locations where nature can be influenced locally, including groves and lesser shrines. Groves will provide the most impact to the area surrounding them, and a single character may only influence the condition of a grove through these locations of power every 12 hours, between dawn and twilight or between twilight and dawn.

The following conditions are observed to be present with respect to druidic groves and the lands their condition directly effect.

Pristine - Pristine groves feature the most natural diversity and connection with the inner planes. Creatures of all types thrive near pristine groves.

Corrupted - Corrupted groves feature a marked decrease of the general diversity in an area. These areas instead have mostly predators or the strongest surviving animals only, with blight creatures such as carrion feeders moving in. The connection with the inner planes is supplanted by the power of the blighters, partially.

Blighted - Blighted groves have been attacked so frequently that nearby animals and natural creatures have vanished entirely. They now encourage the dangerous planar connections that enable the terrible Efreeti to appear.

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