Could I find myself in the land of intrigue?

Navarra Jacerryl
Female, human (Illuskan mix),  Sorcerer/Spellfire Channeler


Actor who would best portray: Lily Collins
Age: 21
Height: 5'4
Weight: 120 Lbs
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Frosty gray-blue
Skin: Quite pale, which is typical for Illuskan
Handedness: right handed
Scars/Tattoos: Some scarring from experimentation

General Physical Description

Navarra is a pale skinned woman with striking features, such as silver hair and gray-blue eyes. Her unique colouring was originally considered to be a pigmentation defect, similar to albinism, but Navarra now believes her colouring to be a side effect of being touched by Mystra at birth.

General Str, Health, Agility

Navarra is not physically strong as she spends more of her time exploring her innate arcane abilities than she does pursuing physical development. Navarra has above average coordination and shows an uncanny awareness of her body. While not strong Navarra looks fit and has a high pain thresh hold.


Navarra’s voice is very gentle and meek, much to her chagrin. While she desires to come off as strong and independent, her attempts to sound tough have been described as a kitten trying to roar and sound fierce.


Navarra has no strong connections in her life. Her family in Luskan has a very negative view of magic users, due to the Arcane Brotherhood.  When it became apparent that Navarra had been “gifted” with knowledge of “the art”, her family initially discouraged her gifts, are treated her as a pariah. When it became clear that her talents were only further developing, and Navarra wanted to explore her gifts, she was disowned.

Navarra has trust issues, due to her relationship with her family, as well as her history with the Zhentarium.

Navarra sometimes has issues sleeping, and due to her time in captivity, she does not like dungeons, the underdark, or any other place where she cannot see the open sky, or feel a breeze, and know she is free.


Navarra tries to look indiscrete, although her love for vibrant colours often thwarts her attempts at indiscretion. She can typically be found wearing a hooded cloak, although the observant eye will notice her penchant for fine jewellery and vibrant colours.

Navarra does not wear armour, as she finds it restrictive, and it impedes her ability to complete somatic components and cast arcane spells. She is typically protected by the Mage Armour spell.


Navarra carries a longsword, which she is proficient in. Navarra grew up in a family that had a strong dislike for magic users, and all the children, regardless of gender, were taught the basics regarding the use of martial weapons.

General Personality Traits

Introverted, individualist, fascinated by magic, untrusting, self perservationalist, wanderlust.

General Int, Wis, Cha

Navarra is not remarkably intelligent. She loves pursuing new information, but she needs to experientially connect with knowledge before she really understands it. Academics is a wasted activity on her, and she lacks the ability to learn theoretical concepts and then apply them pragmatically to real life. Navarra is not exceptionally wise, but she does have street smarts, and  will power. Navarra is very charismatic, and her beauty and personality are noticed by almost everyone in a room when she decides to speak, or reveal herself from under the hood of her cloak.


Navarra likes self discovery. She is always looking for learn more about herself, including her abilities, and where they come from.  She loves travel, and has had a wanderlust ever since leaving Luskan at age 15. She likes open minded, non judgemental people, and those that respect her boundaries. She likes her privacy. Her favorite colour is blue.

Navarra dislikes physical activity, large crowds, and arrogance. She dislikes and distrusts authority, and people who use their power to control others. She dislikes those who pry to deeply into the business of others.

Navarra's greatest fear being captured, and forced into slavery or bondage. She fears having her abilities discovered by those who would hurt her or exploit her because of it. She fears the Zhentarium.

Attitudes towards friends/strangers

Navarra is generally untrusting towards strangers, although secretly, she desires companionship, and is always looking for someone she can trust, who will respect her boundaries.

Opinion of the World

The world is a dangerous place, and very few people can be trusted. It’s better to keep your guard up and protect yourself at all times than to show vulnerability that will surely be taken advantage of. When you find a good friend you can trust, foster that relationship, because it is so valuable, and so rare. The Zhentarium is the most evil organization in Faerun and must be stamped out of existence. Don’t try and settle down, because that’s when you become vulnerable. The best way to live is like the wind, always moving, always changing.


Birthplace: Luskan

Hometown: While Navarra grew up in Luskan, she left there at the age of 15. She wandered the Sword Coast North for a couple years, spending some time in Neverwinter and Waterdeep, but discovered she didn’t care for the crowds of the big cities. She’s been wandering ever since.


Navarra was born to a middle class family. Early in his life it was discovered he had a natural affinity for "the Art" and this eventually lead to her disownment from her family.

At age 20, after travelling the Northern Sword Coast for nearly 5 years, Navarra was captured by agents of the Zhentarium. Somehow, these agents knew of Navarra’s aptitude for Spellfire, even when she herself had been unaware of it. She had assumed that all of her gifts were what was known as sorcery. She was subjected to unmentionable cruelties at the hands of the Zhentarium, as they sought methods to extract her Spellfire from her, or simply to understand it through painful experimentation. There were others who also shared this gift, although they called it a curse. On one fateful day, another prisoner, one who Navarra had spoken with several times, was killed when the experimentation being forced upon him escalated. The anxiety of knowing she was next triggered something in Navarra, something that resulted in an uncontrolled and unexpected burst of arcane energy from Navarra. When it was over, her immediate captors were killed, and Navarra’s chains were broken. Seizing her moment, Navarra ran into the nearby forest and never looked back. She was left with one thought in her head, words from one of the final conversations she’d had with her fellow captive, before his untimely demise. “The lands of intrigue. Tethyr. I’ve heard that’s a place where mysteries can reveal themselves. If there’s a place on Toril where we can find out more about ourselves, Tethyr is that place. One day, if I ever make it out of here, I’m going to Tethyr, and I’m going to learn more about Spellfire.”

Navarra was committed. She had no reason to stay in the Northern Sword Coast. Clearly, she was too well known here, and no doubt agents from the Zhentarium would find her again. She wasn’t going to let that happen. Navarra decided to take her destiny into her own hands, and learn more about Spellfire on her own terms. They next time the Zhents – or anybody else - comes looking for her, she’ll make sure she’s mastered her abilities to the point where she can defend herself. So Navarra headed south, to Tethyr. There was no looking back now.


The Zhentarium. Anybody else who harbours a distrust for sorcerers or spellfire channellers.

Slavers, or anybody who profits from slavery.

Religious preferences
Navarra is not a particularly religious person, but she does pay her respects to the following deities: Mystra, for the gifts she has given her; Selune, for the light of the moon has always had a special place in her heart; Shaundakul for he is the patron of wanderers, and explorers.

Shaundakul is Navarra’s patron deity.

Navarra’s skills are mainly her innate abilities: her sorcery, and her undeveloped aptitude for Spellfire.

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