Coming Soon on the Knights of Noromath

We have just completed our 2019 Player Committee Development Blitz and we are so proud to report that dozens and dozens of wonderful player suggestions have been processed, debated, and expanded upon by the Knights of Noromath Development Team!

As much as we normally like to surprise you with new and exciting features and content, this Development Blitz has given us a very clear path forward for the next several months.

Without further ado, please enjoy the following Knights of Noromath Server Updates Coming Soon!

For immediate priority: (presented in no particular order)

Barony Maintenance Quests Peasant Happiness Quests, Stipend Reworks, Settlement Gameification & Resource Gathering, Starting Gear Barony Merchants, Barony NPC Equipment On-Spawn based on Barony Wealth, Barony outward appearance changes based on Barony Wealth, Interactive Barony Ledger
Astrology Proficiency Expansion Weather System Integration, DM Plot Portent & console commands, Bonus or penalty to ability/save/skill based on calendar month, Fortune Reading for providing astrological bonus/penalty to others
Siege Weapon Proficiency Expansion Expand available placeables, Battering Ram, Siege Ammunition recipes, Siege Weapon Segments to be made craftable via siege engineering proficiency
High Arcana Expansion Manuals for spell levels up through 6th, Tomes for spell levels up through 9th, Artifacts for High Arcana in excess of 90%, High Magic Components/Foci
Masonry Proficiency Expansion Benefits for Castle Upkeep, Statue and Artwork crafting recipes, Repair Quests to include Home, Statue and Shrine Repair, Roof Patch Services with console command, Prison Escape Quest
General Treasure Expansion Stuff Dropped By Good Creatures, Various extensive interactive loot placeables, Burial Mounds & Offerings to modify alignment, Gems as treasure, Assist Other benefits for searching with the help of a familiar
Proficiency Expansion Receive A Bonus Proficiency At Higher Levels, Add Alchemy, Cartography, Disguise, Fishing, Gem Cutting, Observation, and Teaching Proficiencies
Big Game Hunting Expansion Bait/Lure Item to Activate Big Game Spawn Point, -hunt console command to determine if area is a creature den
Faith Quests Healing the Sick, Sanctifying Graves and Burial Mounds, Delivering Idols & Shrine Tributes
Rune Magic Craft Rune Feat, Add Runecaster Background for Dwarves, Rune Limitations from RAW
Illusory Creations No-Feat Creations for Illusion Specialist Wizards, 7th Level List of One-Off Items, 14th Level List of Semi-Permanent Items
New Armor Material Types Add Bronzewood, Elven Darkleaf, Additional Dragonhide Combinations, Ironwood, Astral Drift Metal
Crossing the Chasm Grappling Hook & Piton items, Grappling Hook Gun, Save Vs. Hold "GET OVER HERE!", Climb Check Support for Crossing the Chasm
Artifacts Add Craft Artifact Feat, Add Mace of Disruption, Sun Blade, Integrate Artifact Only Recipes & Maximum Item Value Cap Breaking, Special Damage Effect Script Integration, Curse/Affliction script application & recovery integration
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