Knights of Noromath Class Standing Feats

On the Knights of Noromath server, all characters select a Class Standing feat at the time of character generation.

Upper Class
Middle Class
Lower Class

The class standing options are based upon the role of certain characters in Tethyrian society. Although demihumans might be upper class in their respective societies, in Tethyr, they are typically treated as Middle Class at most.

In addition to setting the tone of your interactions with NPCs, your character's class standing has much to do with the available backgrounds and proficiency choices they may select while undergoing the customization steps in the New Character Area.

Finally, one recommendation for players starting out as Upper Class characters is to say your character has holdings in an off-module location of new baronies in Tethyr such as Erlkazar. This allows your character to be a part of Tethyr's new nobility and explains why you might be in Brost- to expand your holdings!

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