Character Rest & Recovery

On the Knights of Noromath server, we have implemented a custom resting system. This page is intended to describe the features of rest and recovery.

When can I rest?
Character Rest is limited by time. A character may rest in a comfortable bed every 2 in-game hours or every 1 real-life hour. A character may rest outside, but less often, every 4 in-game hours or 2 real-life hours. Rest cannot take place unless the character is tired. If a character has become exhausted due to a weather effect, they may rest independently of their rest timer.
How do I recover HP from resting?
The amount of HP recovered from resting is based on character hit dice and constitution modifier, with additional benefits provided by resting in more comfortable beds.

If your character has barbarian, druid or ranger classes or possesses the Survival proficiency and is resting outside, they will receive high quality rest.

  • High quality rest provides 5d6 + level + Constitution modifier HP recovered
  • Medium quality rest provides 4d6 + level + Constitution modifier HP recovered
  • Lower quality rest provides 3d6 + level + Constitution modifier HP recovered
  • Resting outside with a bedroll provides 2d6 + level + Constitution modifier HP recovered
  • Resting outside without a bedroll provides 1d6 x level + Constitution HP recovered
Can I rest outside when it is raining?
Rest cannot take place under especially poor weather conditions. These include being too cold, too hot, too wet, or too windy. Using a tent will reduce these penalties and possibly enable rest. A better quality tent provides a better result. Survival Proficiency also allows a character to rest in less comfortable conditions and works with the benefit of a tent.
What else is there to know about resting?
  • Rest cannot take place in dungeons or in areas with enemies nearby.
  • Rest cannot take place while wearing armor, unless the character also possesses the Endurance Feat.
  • Rest cannot take place while poisoned or affected by a normal disease.
  • Rest is possible in a party if only one party member is resting at a time.
  • Resting Duration is 60 seconds, for which time a character is also blinded.


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