Character Rest & Recovery

On the Knights of Noromath server, a custom resting system has been implemented. This page is intended to describe the scope of effect for this new resting system.

-Character Rest is now limited by time. A character may rest in a comfortable bed every 2 in-game hours or every 1 real-life hour. A character may rest outside, but less often, every 4 in-game hours or 2 real-life hours. Rest cannot take place unless the character is tired.

-Rest Quality determines how much HP a character regains on resting. The amount of HP regained is based on character hit dice and constitution modifier, with additional benefits coming from more comfortable beds.

-Rest cannot take place under poor weather conditions. These include being too cold, too hot, too wet, or too windy. Using a tent will reduce these penalties and possibly enable rest. A better quality tent provides a better result. Survival Proficiency also allows a character to rest in less comfortable conditions and works with the benefit of a tent.

-Rest cannot take place in dungeons or in areas with enemies nearby.

-Rest cannot take place while wearing armor.

-Rest cannot take place while poisoned or diseased.

-Rest is possible in a party if only one party member is resting at a time.

-Resting Duration is 60 seconds, for which time a character is also blinded.

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