Changes to the Paladin Class

On the Knights of Noromath server, paladins are undergoing several changes to bring them in line with our setting and lore.

A paladin's "Piety" will now be tracked in order to manage their relationship to their vows.

If a paladin's Piety score is reduced substantially, the effects of his holy sword will become diminished, and he may no longer summon his paladin mount.

If a paladin's Piety score reaches zero, he can no longer cast paladin spells at all, and his holy sword becomes a normal weapon. Such a character will require an Atonement ritual to recover their abilities and standing with the paladin order.

Actions that modify a paladin's Piety:
-Slaying Good or Neutral NPCs will dramatically decrease piety.
-Praying while in possession of more than 10 magical items will incrementally decrease piety.
-Praying while in possession of more than 10,000 aenar will incrementally decrease piety.
-Tithing (automatic when depositing at least 1,000 aenar to any bank) can incrementally increase piety.
-Lay on Hands used on NPCs can incrementally increase piety.
-Selling to disreputable vendors will incrementally decrease piety.
-Breaking down or illegally opening castle doors will incrementally lower piety.

Additionally, the Blackcoat prestige class can actually discern a paladin's relative piety.

At this time the Atonement spell is planned for addition in a coming .hak update, and DM tools now exist to facilitate Atonement rituals.

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