Duchy Noromath
Brost County is located within the Duchy of Noromath, and overseen by Duke Allain Kevanarial - the Bowlord of Her Majesty's Bowmen. One of the few elves to hold rank at the noble court in Ithmong, he rose to this position on Queen-Monarch Zaranda Star's direct order after she insisted on having a representative from the two main elven houses.

The Duchy of Noromath is mostly made up of the Sword Belt territories that are constantly fought over by rival barons, and the expansive and dangerous Wealdath. Most of its territory is composed of the ruins of the once great tribes of elves that ruled over the Tethir Forest. Now, it is a wasteland filled with hordes of feral creatures escaping the Crownlands, bandits, warriors, traders and armies. Though once home to many elves, there is now only a population of 800.z

Brost County
Brost County was an idyllic and pristine area of the Swordbelt in upper Tethyr. Its principle town, Brost, is known colloquially as the Mushroom Village by many southerners and Tethyrians. Until recently, many young men and women were moving out of Brost County and into the rich lands of the south. As conflict with Amn is spurred on again, a new influx of settlers and fortune seekers have instead began to take up arms to defend this once peaceful land.

Brost County is home to nearly 5,000 people - 3,000 of which have permanent residence in Brost. During the caravan season, the population of Brost can reach up to 7,000 and the county swells to nearly 10,000 temporary residents. The population mostly consists of humans, but has a minority of halflings, and half-elves. Elves are commonly sighted in Brost, however, they tend to stick to their forest homes in the expansive Wealdath to the south and are becoming more of a rare sight with each passing day.

Brost is a somewhat resource rich location, producing many products and goods that are purchased by nearby Trademeet and Riatavin. Some Brost made goods make it as far as Agis, even. They are well known for their Mushrooms, Peaches, Wagons, Ales, Ciders, and Horse Tack.

The village of Brost has many well-known establishments and locations, its minor population is maintained by the regular traders that come and supply the town - taking its goods to far reaching corners of the Sword Coast.

Mayor Ieval Boralail -  was elected the mayor of Brost over 10 years ago, and there is no one alive in Brost who can speak ill of him, save his own son. A lesser attendant of Mielikki's temple, he gained the use of the upper level of the Ranger's Refuge for the town offices after the town hall burned down with a number of other buildings in last year's fires. Ieval is one of the primary contacts between the elves of Tethir and the town, and his role here has been favorably noted at court.

Unlike others Counties, where they are presided over by a single Count which maintains order over a number of Barons, Brost County and the Duchy of Noromath are not large enough to warrant the position of a count. As such, Duke Kevanarial holds the title Count of Brost; however, due to his disinterest in human politics he rarely interferes with the Lords and Ladies of the County. While the Barons of Brost pay their taxes to him, they mostly self-govern through the Council of Noromath. The Council of Noromath, or Lord's Council, is an official organization composed of the Barons within the Duchy of Noromath who gather several times per year to discuss laws, taxes, and various other matters of state.

All new characters arrive on the Tethir Road, the historical boundary between two tense neighbors: Amn to the north, and Tethyr to the south. Heading westward past Fort Olehm, travelers find themselves entering the village of Brost. Boasting a population of over three thousand peasants, skilled laborers, soldiers and knights, Brost is a rural backwater where Crown justice is poorly enforced. The influx of many travelers from various locations all find themselves unable to continue their travels, as the emergent threat of the Sothelisian Army of goblins have just availed themselves in the west. With the enormous Wealdath forest preventing direct travel to the Crownlands, Brost is insulated from Tethyr's true resources while also being exposed to Tethyr's threats from all around.

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