The Village of Brost

The Village of Brost
Brost County surrounds the humble "Mushroom Village," a relatively well-known if small caravan stop along the Tethir Road on the way to Trademeet. Considered a pristine place of temples, old baronies and even older groves, the Village of Brost has long enjoyed the protection of the several baronies that surround it.

Even as the distant mandates of the new monarchy have stabilized the majority of Tethyr, the truth is that Brost still struggles to maintain safety for its citizens. Much of the once-fertile areas have become wastelands filled with evil creatures and even undead. Bandit groups and small armies are able to move around unchecked as knights are too few and too far apart to police all the most important trade routes.

Brost's mayor as long as anyone can remember is Ieval Boralail, a man always considered above reproach. Together with the local barons and military leaders, Boralail sits on the Council of Noromath, a governing assembly with the equivalent power of a count in the absence of one. During caravan season Brost's population grows to nearly seven thousand traders, skilled laborers and other travelers, but many find that Brost is the furthest that they can go without becoming a casualty of the goblinoid army massing in the west.

Longstanding tensions with local elves have eased thanks to trade deals in recent years, but some households still bear the scars of the Hunts that took place when Wealdath elves sent hails of arrows to prevent further incursion into their sacred forest. Even now, some estimates say that less than eight hundred elves inhabit the Duchy of Noromath.

Brost is a somewhat resource rich location, producing many products and goods that are purchased by nearby Trademeet and Riatavin. Some Brost made goods make it as far as Agis, even. They are well known for their Mushrooms, Peaches, Wagons, Ales, Ciders, and Horse Tack.