Calishite Titles

Titles in Calimshan

Numerous titles are granted, inherited, and earned in Calimshan.

Intrafamily titles for parents and grandparents do not factor in as major social titles; they serve mainly for personal identification and respect among one's relations. Lower class titles, while placing their bearers above common laborers and slaves, identify a person by his primary function in society. The proper titling for the upper class and nobility, however, always starts from the lowest title of a person's social rank, whether he or she actually functions at that title or not. While the tribal chief's title of "syl" has long fallen from use as a standalone title, it is used as a prefix in applicable titles. It denotes that a person is the overlord of said type of title-holder (though it is often only used in writing rather than speech). Thus, higher ranked people of the nobiligy have incredible long and complex titles that astound folk of the northern lands. Many theorize correctly that this affectation is one of the few holdovers from the times when the arrogant geniekind ruled these lands and peoples.

Titles and Ranks
Titles in the below table are listed from the lowest title to the highest. They are noted as bureaucratic and govermental, military or naval military, or noble in origin. The table also provides a comparison title more familiar to the rest of Faerun's natives. The initial subset of eight titles are lower-class titles for the military, while the 19 others are held by those in upper class, the nobility, and military officers. Sandwiched between the lower and upper class titles are the vizar and pasha titles. Since vizars and pashas are both lower and upper class positions, depending on the title-holder's abilities and influences, these titles are considered of both classes.

Italicized titles are those dating from the Shoon Imperium or earlier Coramshan. Many of these titles have long since been dropped from use in Calimshan and other areas ruled by the Shoon, though their presence in histories and ruins make them noteworthy.

Calishite Title               Type                                        Equivalent
Askar Military Soldier
Musar Military Sergeant
Djawal Noble Knight, noble soldier
Chawal Military Lieutenant
Saref Military Centurion
Amhir Naval Military Commander
Yuzas Military Captain
Shyk Military Major
Vizar Bureaucratic Chancellor
Pasha Bureaucratic Guildmaster, Business/class leader
Rysal Naval Military Ship Captain
Syl Nobility Chief, leader
Druzir Nobility Precinct Leader
Enhir Military Tribune
Mumijn Military Lt. colonel
Sabbalad Bureaucratic Mayor, local governing official
Balak Military Colonel
Ralbahr Naval Military Admiral
Qayadin Military General
Nazir Bureaucratic Prefect
Satrap Bureaucratic Provincial Governor
Hakkam Bureaucratic Governor
Massatyr Nobility Baron
Ruias Nobility Count
Yshah Nobility Duke
Ynamalik Nobility Lesser prince (nonheir)
Sultan Nobility Prince
Caleph Nobility King
Qysar Nobility Emperor
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