Brost County Merchant Register

The following register appears in a few places around the area, listing all Coprith-backed mercantile outfits situated within the County of Brost. The notices are refreshed occasionally by employees of the Coprith Family Bank, a subsidiary of the Merchant's Chosen from Riatavin.

MerchantLocationDescription of wares
Aaikif el Hakeem  Tejarn Gate Miscellaneous wares
Agrinor Wayside Tavern Precious gems
Ahmad al Hakim  Southspire Hold Saddamin wares
Aliyah  Southspire Hold Spell components
Belric Fort Briarwood Castle blacksmith
Daniyah yr Kadila al Fahd The Drunken Djinn Magical scrolls
Dunhir Lockwood Falls Castle Banite wares
Duval Marinsbane The Ranger's Rest Trapper's wares
Galath Phelps Weald and Game Fletcher
Godfrey Aurumn  Hospice of Helm Trade-based items
Gwynnestri Swordstar  Teranthvar Seldarine wares
Helm Durbain  Tejarn Gate Military surplus
Ilrune Waelvor  The Lion's Rest Tormish wares
Lance Aurumn  Hospice of Helm Helmite wares
Mael'Baen  The Ranger's Rest Druidic wares
Maite yr Adiva el Harun  Haberdashery Cloth merchant
Mystran mystics  Mystran Tower Magical scrolls
Nizj Azer Brost - Merchant Shingle Cloth merchant
Rembert Keiner  Culthouse of Kelemvor Kelemvorite wares
Renard Alghast  Beyond the Tradeway Textiles Cloth merchant
Ruld  Brost - Merchant Shingle Fletcher
Stewart Gundwynd  Wayside Shrine Tyrran wares
Sturv Issolur  Tejarn Gate Smoke powder weapons
Vorneo Axelan Village of Brost Village blacksmith
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