Knights of Noromath Official Base Classes

This page is intended to summarize all the base classes on the Knights of Noromath server, as well as give a brief insight into their role in the setting.

Barbarian Though tribes of barbarians are rare, few and very far between in Tethyr and the surrounding lands, southern Faerun has a strong history of barbaric tribes. It was only a few thousand years before that roaming bands of humans, patrolling the edge of the massive Wealdath forest began to band together to form their own kingdom. Tethyr has not lost touch with its past culture - and many druidic practices that might be considered uncivilized elsewhere still take place on the northern plains and eastern reaches. Added Multiclassing Restrictions. After a barbarian takes any other class, they are considered an ex-barbarian and may no longer advance in the barbarian class.
Bard  Bards are common throughout Faerun, and Tethyr is no exception. Wherever conflict seems to be, bards are not far behind, writing and singing songs of heroic acts on the battlefield. Just as joy can cause fantastic stories and songs, sorrow can twist into many dark tales around the campfire. Many bards flocked to Tethyr during the Interregnum, and many more still come to Tethyr now that tensions burn anew on the Amnian border. With no end in sight to the conflicts taking place, it can be assumed that Tethyr will continue to have a rich bardic culture and history for the decades to come. Additional Bard Spells. Kit specific bard items provide benefits to bards who equip them.
Cleric  Nearly every god is paid lip-service in Tethyr, and many places where one might expect a temple devoted to a single deity, there is typically a shrine dedicated to all of the gods. That isn't to say there is a shortage of clerics - faithful in service to the gods are highly common in Tethyr, especially after the past and current conflicts. Even lesser-known gods of nature are highly regarded, especially in the lands around the Wealdath, where Silvanus and Eldath are revered as greater than or equal to the better-known gods of Faerun. Additional Cleric Domains include Charm, Darkness, Seldarine, Fate, Illusion, and Time. All domain spell lists have been modified to match 3.5 domain spell lists. Deity specific benefits for qualifying specialty priests using favored weapons. Material Components required for divine spells.
Druid  Druids are especially numerous and common within Tethyr. With the massive Wealdath constantly being consumed by drought and human expansion, vigilant champions of the forest are always needed both within and around the forest to ensure that loggers do not take too much and the balance is maintained. Of course, with the Wealdath, the druids are just as often seen battling the forest itself - which is known for swallowing entire battalions of men whole, never to be seen or heard from again. Modified Druid Wild Shape, five mammal (standard), five avian, and five reptile forms are now gained at 7th level. Access to Transport Via Plants (5th Level Spell) Plant-Based Wildshapes have been added at 12th level. Kit specific specialty priest benefits for custom campaign items. Always receives a special result for summon creature spells. Added Leveling Restrictions (Circle RP to advance beyond 11th level) Material components required for divine spells.
Fighter  The past decade has been one filled with strife and conflict for Tethyr. Many men and peasants who thought they would never take up arms were forced or inspired to during the Interregnum. Many men and peasants thought they were done holding arms when Zaranda Star was crowned queen... Those same many men are now faced with the conflict with Amn, and while many are certainly uneasy at the thought, there are others still that can't wait for a chance to fight a new enemy. -
Monk  The devotion of the mind, body, and soul to a cause is nothing new in Tethyr. Eastern philosophies of Ki and a spiritualistic view of the world have been present in Western Faerun for hundreds of years. Temples devoted to the gods have taken their fair share of these ideas and warped them towards their own ideas over time. Tethyr itself boasts many temples, hidden in far distant reaches, where evil worshipers take advantage of these little-understood forces while working to make themselves whole. Mind, body, and soul. Kit benefits for Broken Ones, Dark Moon Monks, Shining Hand Monks, and Sun Soul Monks, Vow of Poverty Items. Added Multiclassing Restrictions. A monk who takes a base class level other than monk may no longer progress as a monk. Daggers, short swords, longswords, scimitars, and falchions have been added as monk weapons for the purposes of gaining extra attacks from monk base attack progression. However, monks gain no additional proficiency in these weapons, nor can they perform the flurry action with them.
Paladin The past decade has seen a rise in the knightly orders of Torm, Tyr and Ilmater as the Triad's influence has remained a constant - especially in the eastern reaches of Tethyr. With Zaranda Star's rise to power, the paladin orders have a wider-reaching influence than ever before and stand to help a great many of the kingdom's citizens with their everyday troubles and trials. But, darkness still lurks in Tethyr, and politics often play a larger role than the "greater good" of humanity. When the peasantry need help, paladins and knights are usually the first to answer...Though even paladins need to watch their backs while in the fringe-lands of Tethyr. Added detect undead (replaces detect evil) Add smite infidel (replaces smite evil) Summon Mount Enabled Receives Ambidexterity Feat at 3rd level. Added Multiclassing Restrictions, Holy Sword item follows AD&D conventions & advances with Paladin level, Added Piety to track paladin performance for campaign actions. 
Ranger The Wealdath has long been home to many elves, but it has also been home to humans as well. Only the roughest of men, who have absolutely devoted themselves to nature and all it has to give, can survive in a forest that repels and reviles their very existence. These hardened men are common, especially in northern Tethyr, and do not only respect and aid the druidic circles - but maintain their own societies to meet their own means. Skillpoints per level increased to 6, Hit Points reduced to d8 per level, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting granted at 6th level, Access to Transport Via Plants (4th level spell), Hide in Plain Sight (Level 17)
Rogue  Outlaws, charlatans, thieves and more were common in Tethyr long before the Interregnum. With the Civil War at its end, their power and influence have only grown. While some have settled into a more modest means of living, taking to the city where politics or riches await, others still plague the countryside as bandits and robbers on horseback. A constant thorn in the side of knights and peasants alike. -
Sorcerer  For a long time, Tethyr was buried in the shadow of Calimshan and it's djinn magic. The affair with Calimshan and it's citizens has left a stain on Tethyr ever since, with sorcerers blood from the djinn mixing and mingling with the magic of the dragons. Though it is rare, these innatists are born on a regular basis at all rungs of society, where their power could be their undoing or the beginning of a fantastic tale. New Spells, Material Components for Arcane Spells
Warlock   Unspeakable were the terms through which Warlocks gained their strength, but the potency of their eldritch blasts exceeded the destructive power of other mortals. They could also manifest invocations of a sort that affected themselves only. A warlock in Tethyr contends with a long-standing hatred of outsiders thanks to tales of genies being prevalent in the Empires of Sands.   Warlock Eldritch Blast, Warlock Incantations. More information can be found on warlocks here: (this site)  
Wizard   During the Interregnum, the Towers of Mystra fell into disarray and ruin from unknown causes. Mages were drafted tenfold into the Civil War to fight in the battle for both sides and learning fell by the wayside. Now, with the war at its end, Wizards are beginning to regain their strength and form new enclaves from the ashes of the old...Or at least, they have done their best to conceal themselves before the wizards of Amn have stolen them away.  New Spells, Material Components for Arcane Spells


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