Armor Donning Times and Movement Reduction

On the Knights of Noromath server, we require players to spend a number of rounds donning their armor based on the weight category of the armor. While donning armor, a character has a considerable penalty to their armor class.

Clothing/Robe = No donning time.
Light Armor = 1 round donning time.
Medium Armor = 2 rounds donning time.
Heavy Armor = 4 rounds donning time.

In addition to the time it takes to don armor, there is a slight movement penalty for wearing heavier armor. This movement penalty can be removed by freedom of movement spells or effects, but the donning time cannot be affected.

Continue reading about special materials and their effects, here.

Special Materials and Effects




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  1. […] Armor Donning Times and Movement Reduction […]
  2. […] Continue reading about armor donning times and movement penalties, here. […]

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