Area Designers, Scripters, And Custom Content Creators

The Knights of Noromath is possible thanks to our amazing cast of player characters and active server staff, but also because of the contributions of area designers and scripters who provide us with their time and insight to help deliver new systems and content to the playerbase of KoN!

Being a contributor is very simple. If you wish to express your creativity in the NWN toolset, we have a few things in store for you!

Area Design
There are several exciting assignments for area design; ranging from area interiors to dungeon design, an area designer is responsible for laying out areas and helping to knock out our list of priority expansions to the module. We'll share our builder-specific module with you and show you the list of available assignments and let you do your thing from there!

Scripting Support
There are several exciting assignments for scripting support; we are mostly interested in spell scripts, feat scripts, and other peripheral systems and functionalities such as related to our non-weapon proficiencies or backgrounds and other essential character customization steps.

Custom Content
Are you interested in developing custom content for NWN:EE that is Forgotten Realms specific? We would love to hear from you! We have an emphasis on Post-Time of Troubles lore and deities in specific, and we also need little random things like icons for the dozens of new feats and spells we add frequently!

Please feel free to visit our Discord server, and ask DMs about one or more of these roles: Knights Of Noromath Discord Server (External Link)

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