Alchemy Proficiency

On the Knights of Noromath server, the Alchemy proficiency uses the Crafter's Box and Combiner to the following effects.

Original materials are taken from monsters, and refined with an alchemist's alembic. Failure to succeed in an Alchemy check (1d20 + intelligence modifier + level) will result in the destruction of the original material.

Success will produce one sample of the refined material below.

Original MaterialRefined Material
Ba'atezu Idol Devil's Blood
Beholder Eye Hardened Eyedust
Bullywug Head Mucous of Amphibian
Demon Heart Demonic Essence
Drider Spinnerette Aberrant Essence
Ectoplasm Spectral Essence
Gnoll Tooth Animalistic Essence
Infernal Crystal Distilled Infernal Essence
Minotaur Horn Blood of Minotaur
Murky Bottle Distilled Gel
Ogre Ear Distilled Giant Sweat
Skeleton Bone Necrotic Material
Spinnerette Essence of Arachnid
Tanar'ri Idol Abyssal Essence
Troll Head Troll Blood Emulsion
Vampire Teeth Vampiric Essence
Werewolf Head Werewolf Skin

Refined materials may then be mixed down into a Secondary Formulation, requiring a substrate of gold pieces and an empty bottle as a vessel for the created substance.

Refined MaterialSecondary Formulation
Aberrant Essence Haste Potion
 Abyssal Essence Polymorph Self Potion 
Animalistic Essence Longstrider Potion
Blood of Minotaur Heroism Potion
Demonic Essence Protection from Elements Potion
Devil's Blood Divine Power Potion
Distilled Gel Ultravision Potion 
Distilled Giant Sweat Bull's Strength Potion
 Distilled Infernal Essence Eagle's Splendor Potion
Essence of Arachnid Freedom of Movement Potion
Hardened Eyedust See Invisibility Potion
Mucous of Amphibian Breath Potion
Necrotic Material Cure Light Wounds Potion
Spectral Essence Invisibility Potion
Troll Blood Emulsion Cure Critical Wounds Potion
Vampiric Essence Clairaudience/Clairvoyance Potion
Werewolf Skin Displacement Potion

Due to the questionable appearance of alchemical substances and how unpleasant they are, merchants will generally not accept any such creations for trade.

Other uses of the Alchemy Proficiency include the silvering of Weapons and other similar processes.

  • Silvered Weapon (Gilding Silver + Masterwork Weapon)
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