A risky situation

He saw his trusted companion about to fall. His first reaction was to call out the words that would unsummon her. As she faded away back into the plane she had come from, Malcorath saw the two dread spiders who had been attacking his familiar turn towards him. He launched himself into casting his last Fireball. The fireball slammed into the closest dread spider and Malcorath could feel the heat from the fireball singe the front end of his shoes and a intense heat wash over him. As the flames subsided he saw that both dread spiders where still alive, one was barely injured and the front one was badly injured. Without saying anything more, Malcorath turned and ran. The closest dread spider gave chase while the other was occupied trying to figure out where the pixie had gone. As Malcorath ran the chasing spider managed to hit him hard enough to destroy his stone skin spell. As the spider repaired for another lounge at its vastly slower prey, Malcorath dove towards the ground turning around and released his last Magic Missile spell. The first missile hit the spider just as it reached the apex of its move upwards before lounging down to bite him. the second follow shortly after and forced the spider to bend backwards into an unnatural angle, the two remaining missiles hit almost simultaneously and the force threw the spider into the air into a half backflip. It slammed down onto the ground back first, dead. Malcorath got back up on his feet, and with a small prayer of thanks to Mystra he channeled a cure light wounds to heal himself enough to get back to the Whippoorwill in in Brost. This was a good day after all he thought as he walked back to town.


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