A murder of wolves (A Ravenwolf Bio)

An awesome RPG fantasy knight picture I found online. Wish I knew who did this, so I can give them proper credit. Got it from Pinterest. If you find who originally artist who did it, then please let me know.

Lloyd was born in a military compound. Within the hills of Tethyr, near the southern border of Noromath County. In the foothills of Starspire Mountians. Less than a days walk from Mosstone. 


While in the upper class, his family was blessed with a moderate income. It might be due to the positive military affiliation through his father being a respected knight. Lloyd wanting for follow in his footsteps, trained with swordplay. Focusing on his longsword, but was trained in other weapons as well. Both in private and public, his family tries their best to be fair in their ethics. Upholding their oaths, contracts and agreements that they form. They hold an almost reckless hatred for the cult of Cyric. To aid in their hunt for Cyric cultists, they worked hard to remain more or less unknown. Though the time for that is coming to a close. The family is led via the lord of Mosstone. Lloyd was ordered to make his way as heir to his family and redeem the deeds of his ancestor who was a defeated hero from ages past. Who's defeat stained the Ravenwolf family's name.


Lloyds training started early with various books and tomes. Learning to read, and write before he was formally taught history. Learning details of how his ancestry was defeated by a cunning Cyric Cultist. Forming theories about the fallen hero and why the cultist was able to outwit him, but saw little point in it save as a distraction. He instead started to focus more on learning more about the compounds patron deity, Siamorphe.


It was early in his life when the war started. It gave various monsters a chance to attack. Young Lloyd was almost kidnapped by a band of goblins. If it wasn't for the band of knights that was still there giving chase, Lloyd might not have survived. It was what spurred his desire to train even more. It wasn't until his youth that he learns his ability to heal. Laying his hands on a wounded knight returning from his patrol. He devoted himself to Siamorphe's service. Spending more time in the temple to learn more about the Goddess of Nobility.


When he was knighted, however, he was sent out by his former lord. To rebuild his house, redeem his family's honor, and serve the queen in this dutchy. He knows not what to expect, knows not what he can do for the queen. However, he seems intent on fulfilling his duties as a knight. Though swordplay was his focus, he now uses a light mace. Learning more about his patron deity as he writes his travels. Perhaps one day hoping to retell his tales of his house's redemption, and his achievements to future generations.

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