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At great risk to myself, I spread this message in hopes that your eyes find it. If you are a master of the Art, if you venerate the Most High, the Vaunted, or the Lady of Mysteries herself and find esteem in clergy - If you seek to right a dire wrongdoing in the name of righteousness and in the name of magic itself - Find me or reply in letter to Brost's inn. I am in desperate need, and I fear my time is short. I beg your haste in matters most delicate; I beg your pardon for my intrusive plea. May the Hand of Sorcery guide your every endeavor as I pray he guides mine.
— Qwayr

A great many notices, put to parchment with cold eloquence, find their way to the holdings, settlements and residences in the vicinity of and including Lockwood, Brost, Southspire, Tejarn Gate and the Temple of Mystra.