Welcome to the Knights of Noromath!

The Knights of Noromath server is a campaign roleplay server for Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition.

The Knights of Noromath campaign server is dedicated to the pursuit of becoming the most faithful rendition of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting able to be found online. We are a proactive, moderated server community that strives to improve, innovate and listen to feedback from its membership.

We look forward to enjoying NWN:EE with you!

If you are new to the Knights of Noromath, please refer to the following resources:

The Players Guide to the Knights of Noromath

Knights of Noromath Community Discord Link
KON Server Rules
KON Discord Rules
KON Core Values

Recent Posts


The Morality of Charms and Compulsions

In general the practice of Charms is considered benign but questionable. for really what is the difference of a courtisans charms and the application of a magical charm spell. both have their limitations and both only bend the will of a subject instead of outright breaking it. However the evil…

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The Mystics Story

I was born in the year of the blessed shadow or the year four hundred and seventy by dale-reckoning. I have been told it was a clear and cool day on the fourth day of the claw of winter according to the calendar of Harptos. I spent my early years…

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Burdens to Bear

She was tormented by shards. Pieces of memories, hardly a whole story, rising unbidden to her mind in her darkest moments. Despite her devotion, despite her training, she could not purge herself of the scattered remnants of who Tama Dalender had been through her scant 23 winters in Faerun. Her…

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“Jus’ like your Ma, she is.”                    “Don’t you go tryin’ t’pin this on me an’ mine, Randal. Ma’s a witch, that ain’t got nothin’ to do with our children. She’ll...well she’ll jus’ ‘ave to grow out of it, is all.”           “Kerri, we both knowin’ she won’t. Even when…

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Birth of an archer

The last journey of an old Bladesinger The last few days passed faster and faster. Elithrar felt the call of Arvandor, the call that also led him to this land. But with each passing day, he felt his strength fading. Even more now, after the meeting of the council. When…

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The Butcher of Brost

The warmth of the sun returns as the winter ceases. Seeds are sewn anew along the western front. Faris, my beloved. I am not one to write often, however I must apologize for the last year since I was transferred. Farmers seem more confident this year compared to last, still…

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