Welcome to the Knights of Noromath!

The Knights of Noromath server is a campaign roleplay server for Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition.

The Knights of Noromath server is a place where anyone can log in and start enjoying intense political roleplay and classical Forgotten Realms stories in our moderated online community.

Players will join forces and roam the rural countryside of northern Tethyr where they will meet many potential allies and lurking foes as they explore a world rich with lore and opportunity.

This site is intended to provide you with all the specific information related to our online campaign, and how you can become involved in delightful and mind-blowing ways.
We look forward to enjoying NWN:EE with you!

If you are new to the Knights of Noromath, please refer to the following resource:

The Players Guide to the Knights of Noromath

KON Server Rules
KON Discord Rules
KON Core Values

The Knights of Noromath are dedicated to the pursuit of becoming the most faithful rendition of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting able to be found online. We are a proactive, moderated server community that strives to improve, innovate and listen to feedback from its membership.

Our promise to you:

  • We will avoid Out of Character arbitration or rulings when possible, favoring in-character actions and immersion above all else.
  • We will acknowledge, reward, and respond to in-character efforts of all kinds.
  • We will continually update, revise, and improve upon existing systems and architectures based upon community feedback and the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting.
  • We will set clear expectations for community members centered around equality, diversity, and inclusion for all potential and existing players. The Knights of Noromath is family friendly and in many ways it is run the same way as a tabletop campaign.

Recent Posts


Player Death Support

On the Knights of Noromath server, a player's corpse can be interacted with. It can be picked up and carried to a safe location. Raise Dead spells or scrolls can be cast upon the player corpse; there are a few places in the module where such can be purchased. A…

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Character Rest & Recovery

On the Knights of Noromath server, a custom resting system has been implemented. This page is intended to describe the scope of effect for this new resting system. -Character Rest is now limited by time. A character may rest in a comfortable bed every 2 in-game hours or every 1…

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The Doomguide’s Lament

Quincy was a tired, old man who couldn't let go of what he loved. As it had turned out for him, it was his greatest shortcoming. The Doomguide of Kelemvor held so tightly onto his friends that it led to disaster and ruin. In his mind, he knew it wasn't…

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Elrik Davvinspire

Born 7th Nightal, 1350 DR, Elrik is the second of three children born to Goren and Linala Davvinspire. Goren was a blacksmith serving a minor noble and Linala a serving maid under the same noble. Having good rapport with his employer, Goren was given the opportunity to have his son…

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Patch Notes for 10-29-18 thru 11-4-18

Area Updates: All Areas that should have a bed now have a bed. Underdark areas are now colder or hotter than previous static system. Umar Hills are now colder and windier than previous. Bedrolls and Tents will need to be utilized for proper resting. (New Bedrolls and Tents only.) Umar…

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Special Materials and Effects

On the Knights of Noromath server, there are many special materials and item enhancements and properties which have been added to the base game. The following is a brief summary of these additions: Special Materials Adamantine Supported in crafting system Medium adamantine armors resist 2/ physical damage Heavy adamantine armors…

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