Welcome to the Knights of Noromath!

The Knights of Noromath server is a campaign roleplay server for Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition.

The Knights of Noromath campaign server is dedicated to the pursuit of providing the same excitement one can enjoy in a tabletop game with friends. We are a proactive, moderated server community that strives to improve, innovate and listen to feedback from its membership.

We look forward to enjoying NWN:EE with you!
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Recent Posts


Non-Magical Item Modifications

On the Knights of Noromath Server, several mundane crafting possibilities are offered for modifying individual pieces of equipment. Characters have access to these modifications based upon either armoring proficiency, tailoring proficiency, or in the case of a few combinations cleric or blackcoat levels qualify. Any character can receive the benefits…

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Piety for All Divine Casters

On the Knights of Noromath server, a Piety Score has been implemented to track and manage a Divine Caster and their relationship to their deity. Note: All Divine Casters may perform 1st and 2nd level spells simply as a part of the rituals and ceremonies they practice. Spells of 3rd…

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Smoke Powder Weapons

Smoke powder is a magical substance that was utilized by the Lantonese during the Time of Troubles to make reasonably safe and accurate smoke powder weapons. In the nearly two decades that have passed since those innovations, smoke powder weaponry has undergone significant advances and gunsmithing is now a widely…

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Holy Avenger Progression

Blackcoats and Paladins on the Knights of Noromath may obtain special components or holy relics which may be combined with a masterwork weapon to create a Holy Avenger item. Paladins receive this ability as training at third level and sixth level, and the Blackcoat receives this ability as part of…

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Bladesinger Class

A bladesinger travels with companions in the Underdark... A master of warfare, each bladesinger has trained for decades to gain the skill of the Bladesong; a subtle, unpredictable fighting style meant to focus upon defense while allowing the opponent to expose themselves to attacks. You have trained in the ancient…

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General NWN:EE Troubleshooting

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition has several known issues that cause memory leaks. In order to eliminate these memory problems, we recommend using the following settings: Open Menu Click Video Options -Set Overall Graphics Quality slider all the way to the left (Fast) -Set Overall Texture quality slider all the way…

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