Welcome to the Knights of Noromath!

The Knights of Noromath server is a campaign roleplay server for Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition.

KoN is a place where anyone can log in and start enjoying intense political roleplay and classical Forgotten Realms stories in our moderated online community. Players will join forces and roam the rural countryside of Northern Tethyr where they will meet many potential allies and lurking foes as they explore a world rich with lore and opportunity.

This site is intended to provide you all the specific information related to our online campaign.
We look forward to enjoying NWN:EE with you!

1) Required Files - What you need to get connected!
2) Our Setting - What are the Lands of Intrigue, and where?
3) Campaign - Where does your character start?
4) Subraces - What races are able to be played here?
5) Backgrounds - What is your role in society?
6) Religions - What gods do you worship?
7) Prestige Classes - What class changes can you expect?
8) Summoning Spells - What changes can you expect?
9) Gestalt Spellcasting - What does that mean for my multiclassed spellcaster?
10) Player Possibilities - What can you aspire to?
11) Knightly Code - Live by it, die by it.
12) Expulsion of Monstrous Races - The Queen's Orders!
13) Crime and Punishment in Tethyr - What does the law look like in Tethyr?
14) Server Rules - What do we expect from our players? 
15) Help Keep Us Strong - Donate to the Knights of Noromath Project!

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Tears of Ilmater

He had petitioned for five days and five nights without food or water. Knelt outside Grandmaster Cantoule's sanctum, he was exposed to the elements and the scrutiny of his peers. Neither had been especially kind. It was of no surprise, then, that Terryn woke next in the infirmary. The Monastery…

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The heart of the wolf is the pack.

Beldr was born in the foot hills near the mountains of the Small Teeth. A days ride east of Murann, in an unnamed village that is usually missed. Beldrs family, while part of nobility, was of moderate wealth. Using most of it to support the village they lived in. The…

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Knights of Noromath Supported Monk Orders

The following Monastic Orders have a very strong presence in Tethyr.  Characters seeking participation in one of these groups will see various possibilities unfold! The Broken Ones This monastic order worships Ilmater. As a benefit of Ilmater's teachings, monks belonging to the Broken Ones may multiclass freely as Clerics, meaning…

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